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wow. it certainly has been a seriously long time. i don't know how in the world i knew my passwords, i just did. it's crazy.

anyhow, i guess i should do an update.

My name is Courtney Dawn.
I'm 18-years-old.
Right now I live in a dorm at Saginaw Valley State University.
I have some other blogs that are pretty interesting. I have a blurty, that is mostly private for myself, and then an English Blog. You can see that at
I'm only a freshman at SVSU, but i mean, that's a huge change from the original journal entries on here, where i was barely a freshman in high school, if that.
I live with some pretty cool girls, but I miss my old roommates and the way things were then.
First semester Stephanie, (the same Stephanie from all these other journal entries on here) and I lived in the same bedroom, inside of a bigger suite with Ashley, Jana, Megan, Nicole, and Cassie. Now, Stephanie is going to Macomb and I have room to myself. Ashley and Jana also dipped out. So now, the second semester, we have a new roommate named Florence. She is a pretty nice girl and everything, but she seems a little shaky. She is really all about her boyfriend, which i mean, i understand... i was the same way when i dated Alan and Derek. But i'm not like that with Ray now. I mean, High School is over, leave that crazy ass shit at home.
But i mean, she's okay. What really sucks, is that i'm mostly by myself now. When Stephanie was here there was always some one to talk to. However, Nicole is always with her friend Joe, and Megan is usually studying, working out, in class, or on the phone, Cassie is usually with whatever guy she's fucking, at work or getting high, and again, Florence is usually with my boyfriend. I guess it's better this way though, because it means that i can concentrate fully on my school work, which is something that i really need to do because i want to succeed.
i'm not sure what my major is going to be yet. right now it is secondary education, but i'm not sure how much i'm going to like that. i dont think that i want to talk to a bunch of high schoolers all day. i worked so hard to graduate, i just dont believe that i want to go back. I know that people in the criminal justice area dont make a lot of money, especially security workers and police officers, but i would like to do something like that. So i think that i should switch my major over to something like that. I'd be extremely excited about that. I would minor in Sociology if i did, probably. I'm sure i could do something with those. I dont know what yet, but something.
So.... boyfriends. Because i'm still the same Courtney, but a little older and a little bit wiser i suppose. Haha. I do have a boyfriend. His name is Ray Saunders. He did go to Fraser but i met him at my work. Mcdonalds, where i've worked since Junior Year, so since i was sixteen. And just this past summer we became good friends and we started to date. I love him, and i want to be with him for a long time, but we tend to not talk about the future, because we never know what's going to happen. We rarely fight, when we do they're not horrible. They're loud, dont get me wrong, but they dont usually last more than fifteen to twenty minutes, and like i said it's very rare. He treats me like a queen. No joke, like a queen. That makes me happy. Plus he and I like to do a lot of the same things. And he really is SUCH an intellect.
I've never cheated on Ray, and I don't ever plan on it. I love him and wouldn't do that to him. Especially because i BELIEVE (totally weird because i've always had trust issues with EVERYONE) that he wouldn't do that to me. I just don't see it.
Anyhow, I also hang out with this kid named Emery a lot. He's a really cool guy. We're in Judo together so we usually walk to the Ryder Center with each other. He always invites me to go and smoke with him, which is sweet. So i'm not going to complain about him. But remember, i got things to say.

Alright, i guess that's all i really have to say for now. I have class at ten in the morning so i should probably be getting to sleep so i don't wake up groggy as FUCK. alright. maybe i'll update tomorrow, you never know. <3 peace.
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