Courtney Dawn Elizabeth (spitty) wrote,
Courtney Dawn Elizabeth


Today was a long, hard day.
I woke up at around 5:30. I saw Ray off to work, and then went back to sleep. It was so cute, how he tucked me in before he left.
I woke up again, and I left for work myself.
I spent the whole day being Craig's bitch, of course. That's what he always does to me when I'm working w/ him.
Anyways, then before I could leave, (at three, after 8 hours of being the bitch) Craig talked to me about becoming a manager.
He wants me to take the assessment test of Friday. I'm a little nervous about it, but oh well.
After work I went to Ray's to kiss him good-bye.
Then I picked up Cassie, and we drove back up to the school.
I dropped her off.
And now I'm here.

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