Courtney Dawn Elizabeth (spitty) wrote,
Courtney Dawn Elizabeth

I just found this! I'm VERY surprised that I was able to get into this account. Shocked really.

So much has happened! I think my last entry was 2008, maybe. That's 8 years ago.

To be honest, it's kinda silly that I would even write in this thing. It's highly doubtful that anyone would read it, not to mention, it's 2016. I do have a facebook. And an instagram. And a twitter.

It's great though! It's so interesting to see how we communicated socially with the world via the internet, not all that long ago. Less than 10 years ago. It's so different now. Compare lj to facebook, and it's pretty crazy to see how far we've come.

It was nice to have this journal when I was younger. It was nice to be able to come on here and say how I was feeling. I was quite angsty at the time. It's hilarious to read. The problems that I thought I had. The problems that I did have, but I thought would last forever. Wow.

So, I guess if anyone does stumble across this thing, I will update you on my life.

I'm now 26 (ahh!). I came out of the closet when I was 22 or so, when I started to date Rachael. We've been together ever since. This is the biggest change in my life, of course, but it has been one of the best. Our relationship has been, the best I've ever had. With out a doubt. We get along so well. We laugh all the time. We love to do things together, camping, hiking, taking little vacations. We are currently trying to have a baby. Which is going, so so. I was able to get pregnant, but I did have a miscarriage. So, right now we are waiting for 2 cycles and then we will try again. We are getting married in October. We're excited to finally be a family, by law, but we are both nervous about the actual wedding. It's hard to plan one, while so much other stuff is going on. But, we do have the help from my grandma. Which is really really great. We currently have a house in the neighborhood that I grew up in. It's okay. We don't LOVE it, but it is ours. There are a lot of things about the house that I would change, but it's got a lot of our own touches to it, so it's good enough for now. Rachael and I have pretty much the same idea about how our house should look and where we should live. Thank God. Eventually we'd like to move to a house that is in the country, and have goats and chickens, and live off of the land. Or at least have more property. Our house now has a very small yard. Since we don't have any kids yet, we do have a lot of animals that we share our time with. We have 3 dogs, (Biscuit, who I got when I was 17, not sure I ever mentioned him, Coal, Rachael's dog, and Whiskey, who we adopted together), 3 cats, 3 ferrets, 2 rabbits, and 3 geckos. I know, it's a lot.
I think the last time I updated, I mentioned that I was going to become a manager at my work (which was McDonalds). I did that. I finished school. I quit McDonalds (worked there for 6 years!) Now I'm working in healthcare, which I love. It's something I didn't really think I would ever do, but I really ended up enjoying it. I am working at a hospital not far from where I live, currently. I did work at one that was a little ways away, right after I graduated. After a year or so, I decided I didn't want to drive as much, and relocated to a hospital that is only 15 minutes from the house to the department. I'm working in Endoscopy/Gastroenterology. A lot of people think my job is gross. It's not, most of the time. Haha. It's a very interesting aspect of healthcare. I like doing the procedures and I like learning about our digestive system. It's, like I said before, not what I thought I would do, but I like it.

Jesus, it's so hard to bring up so much. It's like I don't know what to say. Lets see though...

AHHHH Ryan, my little baby brother that I would be stuck baby sitting, is 18. 18 years old. It's crazy. He's a grown man. He's working at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Which is awesome for him.

Umm. Lets see. I know I mentioned my friends a lot in earlier posts. I don't hang out with any of them any more. No one, really. I see Mandy sometimes, but she's a couple hours away from me. We see each other when we can. She's married to an awesome guy and they have a home in a city that is PERFECT for them.

I see other people on facebook. I might make a comment here and there. Bri has 2 babies. Stef has 1. I guess I don't know much about any one else. Oops.

It's hard to stay in touch with people when you're off doing your own thing. I've been friends with so many different people since writing my last entry, I think it would be silly to try to name them all. So I'm not going to. But know, that just because I'm not friends with people from high school any more, doesn't mean that I'm a loner. My life just went into a different direction than theirs did.

Currently, we have our basement inhabited by Rachaels little sister. By little I mean she's 22. Her boyfriend is over a lot, who is closer to my age. He's awesome. I'm really hoping this guy lasts with her, because her last guy... no good.

Hmmm.... I'm not sure what else to say. I thought I would update this and let you know how my life is going. It's great. I've had ups and downs, but right now, my life is going really well.
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