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Jun. 12th, 2004

(no subject)

Last Day of School-Kinda weird. People came over, my basement got trashed. Steffney ended up cleaning it all. THe boys stripped. It was weird. I saw too many asses that i didn't care to see and i really can't wait for pictures. Brianna stepped in dog shit that night. I got mad. It was a really weird night. Ruby Tuesdays.

Yesterday-Boring. Watched Lucky 7, Went out to eat, had alan over earlier in the day, we watched grind w/ tony and matt. Then i went to sleep.

Today-It's going to be boring. Tonight is matts graduation party and i would never give him a blow job, he's too nasty. Ass. I'm giving him...money.

Jun. 8th, 2004

shnickle fritz steffney,

this is her toe.

Jun. 7th, 2004

(no subject)

my pet!

Jun. 6th, 2004

(no subject)

i never want to speak to him again. he hasn't hung out w/ me but twice since we started dating again. I never have fun w/ him anymore, and theres no more i love you's. I'm tired of it, he won't even hang out w/ me on my birthday.

forget it.

stef if you read this--i can still go to matts graduation party, were going to ohio sunday and monday.

(no subject)

NO church. Mom doesn't have a car cause our corsica broke down. Another effing summer without a car. Just like last summer. Wow.

Its early. I'm tired. If someone wants to do something today they could call me.


Jun. 5th, 2004

(no subject)

Yesterday was alright. Prater came over, so did stef and amie. They spent the night. We watched the sweetest thing like nine times in a row.

Amie plays the guitar like a mother fucking riot. Woot.

Today was boring. Got yelled at a lot. Mom tried to tell me people weren't coming over on the last day of school. Liar. They are. And she knows it. Thats why she said tonight that it was still cool to have people over. Weird how things work.

Anyways fight by my house today. Scary stuff.

I'm tired.

Alan just stopped by. He's mad at me. Doesn't that just blow.


Signing up to volunteer at stuff. Talking to steffney, she's doing stuff to volunteer too. She's seriously my hero. What a kind and caring person my steffney is.

Jun. 4th, 2004

my very own survey

2003-2004 School Year

-What grade were you in? ninth
-Fail any classes? no
-Worst class? science
-Best class? english
-What was your favorite memory of this year? those three weeks.
-Worst memory? getting pregnant
-Did you lose your virginity? yes
-Who were all your boyfriend/girlfriends? alan
-Where was your favorite hangout this year? in the woods
-Did you experiment w/ new drugs? no
-Did your sexuality change? yes i've become a ten
-Did you move at all? nope
-Did you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend? yes.
-How many parties have you gone too? haven't counted
-Did you get drunk a lot? not really
-Get any new enemies? yes
-Get any new friends? plenty
-Style change? yes
-Have you matured at all? no
-What did you do for spring break? nothing
-Get in any fights? yes
-Did anyone want to kick your ass but didn't? yes
-What are three inside jokes that you've had this year? chocolate milk, dix-neuf and her belly looks like (hers)
-Can you forgive all the suckage that has happened this year? never

This is good.

(no subject)

Just how lame can one person get?

Tonight i dont know what is going on, but if anyone has any ideas call me.

I'm bored.

Jun. 3rd, 2004

The Day

Today was low. Bri and stef came over after school. We did nothing all day. Sat on the computer and talked. Amie came over. We talked a little. Then she left. I listened to music today.

Anyways, me and stef and bri are getting in some volunteer work. Yep, i think the babysitting one at the pregnancy place would be nice. Dad said i should help dying horses w/ my aunt---i dont think so. I like babys better.
But volunteering would be nice.

June 10th. My place. Tell me if you wanna go. It'll be neat.

Jun. 2nd, 2004


Today Alan came over after school. Then I told alan to invite brianna over and then brianna said stef wanted to come so i guess they walked over. David came over too. It was weird. Alan was making me mad today, but it's alright. Then Mike stopped by w/ his girlfriend and some chris kid. It was a weird day. They didn't stay long. Arthur isn't in jail anymore. He's got parol for like a year or something though.

i dont know.

after stef and alan and david and all those other kids left me and brianna watched eurotrip. Its a dirty movie. But its pretty cool.

Alright, so i'm going now. Someone call me. Moms driving tomorrow.

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